Sometimes you just gotta reward yourself

I had to share these pictures of high tea–because it was fancy and extravagant and COMPLETELY DESERVED for the two of us, thanks to being put through the wringer the few months previous.

My friend, critique partner, and cheerleader Valerie Biel and I enjoyed afternoon tea at Milwaukee’s famed Pfister Hotel after months of polishing and querying our current manuscripts. It’s a lot of work to get a query package ready and send it out into the world for publication. Plus, the whole endeavor requires fortitude and confidence in the face of the uphill climb. I started the effort a few moths before her, but we’ve been on the journey together since then– and that’s really the best way to do it, IMHO, with a friend, as we helped ready each others’ submissions and kept our spirits high. All this to say, we deserved the pampering.

The tea and dainties were excellent. The whole experience is highly recommended. 🙂

The historic tea kettles at the Pfister

These dainties were DELICIOUS and actually very filling. We started at 2pm and didn’t need to eat again until late evening!

Savories at the bottom, sweets up top.

Soooo good.

Can you believe this detail? Fabulous.

The yummiest of yummies.

Author Silvia Acevedo at High Tea


Author Valerie Biel at High Tea