“Ink Drawing Techniques DVD & Art Book” Kickstarter is LIVE!

Inking Instructional DVD and Art Book Kickstarter Now Live

I am super excited that my husband’s and my “Ink Drawing Techniques DVD & Art Book” Kickstarter is  LIVE! It’s already 77% funded in just 7 hours. If you or someone you know loves ink drawing, then this DVD and art book is for you.

Please visit the following link to pledge/pre-order.

Some background: my hubby, Jeff Miracola, is a professional illustrator who also teaches hundreds of other artists through his popular YouTube channel and in-person art retreats. I’m videographer of the series and either the disembodied voice or the on-camera partner who asks questions.

Please consider pledging and share this post with your friends.

Wrapping up 2016 with Four Final Events

Looking back at 2016, I can see that I had a lot to be thankful for. Most importantly, I have good health, a loving family, and dear friends, many of you among them. If we haven’t yet met in person, I hope to someday get the pleasure.

This year saw the release of the second in my God Awful Series of Books. I expect 2017 to bring the final installment of this comedic, mythological adventure. Until then, here are a few pictures of some of the authorial events that have kept me busy these past few months. Thanks to all who invited me / put up with me. Enjoy the pix and I wish you a very happy 2017! 🙂

Wisconsin Writers Association - Compelling Scenes Presentation by Silvia Acevedo

Oct 2016 – Presenting on writing compelling scenes for the Wisconsin Writers Association

Nov 2016 - Silvia Acevedo Presenting on Character Development at the Southeast WI Festival of Books

Nov 2016 – Presenting on character development @ the Southeast WI Festival of Books

Nov 2016 - Silvia Acevedo discussing God Awful Thief with the Columbus, WI, Books & Beer Book Club

Nov 2016 – Discussing God Awful Thief at Columbus WI’s Books & Beer Book Club

Milwaukee's Brown Deer Park, the beautiful Setting for Novel Lunch 2016

Milwaukee’s Brown Deer Park, the beautiful setting for Novel Lunch 2016

Guests at Novel Lunch 2016

Guests at Novel Lunch 2016

Books Donated by Publishers & Authors for Novel Lunch 2016

Books Donated by publishers & authors for Novel Lunch 2016

Silvia Acevedo & Other Sassy Authors at Novel Lunch 2016

Sassies at Novel Lunch 2016

Brown Deer Park, Novel Lunch 2016

The view, Novel Lunch 2016

Silvia Acevedo, author of God Awful Loser & God Awful Thief

Silvia Acevedo "I read YA"

Luncheon, Munchin’, ‘n Stumpin’ for Sojourner

Food is always a good idea. And it’s one thing to enjoy it with incredible people, new friends who share the same passions and humor as you and with whom you can see yourself spending many happy hours. It’s even more amazing when you get to help a worthy cause while doing it!


I got that chance this month when a friend — and a soon-to-be friend — invited me to their fourth annual Novel Cuisine Luncheon. What the heck is that, you ask? It’s a gathering of authors / librarians / teachers / book bloggers / booksellers. We donate books from our collections to a local charity in need of them, we talk about books, and we enjoy a fabulous meal based on foods mentioned in select titles. It was my first time going, and I am so blessed to have been a part of this!

Sojourner Milwaukee

First, just look at the piles of books collected to donate to Sojourner Family Peace Center! Sojourner’s tagline is “Peace is Possible.” Their goal is to help those impacted by domestic violence. And by help, I mean they are involved in the most desperate of times. They literally help women escape violent situations. They protect them in a hidden safe house. I personally know people who’ve benefitted from their help. When mothers run from violence, they so desperately want happiness for their kids, and books help. I couldn’t be more proud than to help in a tiny way by offering a moment of entertainment in trying times.

Hello? Author Liza Wiemer opened her home to about 20 of us. She and YA Book Blogger and Librarian Heidi Zweifel put together an incredible spread, thought up really fun games, and generally made themselves a holiday joy. Thanks so much to them for inviting me.

God Awful Loser Pizza

And look at this! My novel God Awful Loser was the basis for the lunch’s pizza fun! We made our own from ready-made dough and lots of fixin’s. YUM!

Author Melissa Gorzelanczyk handed out ARCs of her own Cupid-based novel, Arrows, and everyone even left with a few new reads of their own. It was a fantastic time, and I hope to continue the spirit of giving great reads in the years to come!

Guest Hosting The Morning Blend

The Morning Blend

I’m so happy to be able to guest host The Morning Blend again tomorrow, Tuesday, May 27! The show is so much fun, and I love catching up with all the great people behind the show. I hope you’ll get a chance to tune in: 9 a.m. Central on TODAY’S TMJ4.

Our “Magic: The Gathering” on the Big Screen

Bubbling Beebles by Jeff Miracola for Magic: The Gathering

Bubbling Beebles by Jeff Miracola for Magic: The Gathering

I have never posted about movies on my website, but this one’s special. This one’s EPIC. This one is based on a world that my husband helped bring to life through his artwork — a world that continues to influence our lives nearly every day.

Magic: The Gathering is a hugely (and by that, I mean ENORMOUSLY) popular role-playing game. If you haven’t heard of it, trust me, plenty of people in your circle have — and lots have played it. The card-based game pits characters and powers, beasts and spells, against each other to determine an ultimate mega champion. Yes, there are world-wide championships. Yes, some players dress in costume. It’s cool. It’s fun. And now it’ll be a FEATURE FILM!

I’m so immensely proud to say that my husband, Jeff Miracola, helped visualize that world. His art has graced 110 cards; he started painting for them in 1995. Fans of the game love his work, and the whole M:TG world has been a fun ride for us.

We’re hoping Beebles will be included, as they sprung entirely out of his imagination, all cute and naked as they are. Proud of my hubby! CAN’T WAIT to see the flick!

Sprinting for the Hardware

     This weekend, my eldest daughter, Corina, did something pretty awesome. She took home the third place medal for what was only her third meet as a high school cross country athlete!

     It was during her 4k (2.5 mile) run at the Whitnall Invitational at Hales Corners Park. In that meet, her time dropped almost two minutes from the previous races! She’s loving the sport and her truly supportive teammates. Here’s a great picture of my daughter sprinting toward a finish line. Go, girl! Go!



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Get Your Thumb On for Thumb Wars

     I am so happy to announce that the latest of my husband’s books has been released and is now available to buy!

     Thumb Wars: The Ultimate Guide is the world’s definitive guide to that favorite let’s-decide-who’s-right fight, the thumb war. This activity book details rules, recommends conditioning exercises, and even comes with the niftiest anti-cheating glove ever — the Sleeve of Doom! Scholastic’s motto — “There’s no going back once you enter the Sleeve of Doom.”

     Jeff did every illustration in the book, the cover, and even a lot of the layout. You can find more of his art here.

     The book is already available online (If you go through Amazon, please leave a review!) and is slated to hit bookstores in February, so please go out and buy it!

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