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A Captivating Literary Weekend

Posted February 12th, 2017 by Silvia

I spent the latter part of this week presenting with the Wisconsin State Reading Association, an organization that’s all about literacy. Their concerns: how parents and teachers teach kids to read, helping students strengthen their reading skills, and encouraging all of us to make our society well read.

Literacy is a cause dear to my heart. I taught my children to read at an early age, and I feel that literacy skills are absolutely vital to success. I was honored to present at the association, but I decided to do a bit more by donating 100 books to established and/or fledgling school book clubs. I hope the kids who get them enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them.

Below are some pictures of the event. If you like the idea of encouraging literacy, consider supporting your local literacy agency with a financial gift or a donation of your books or time. :)

Silvia Acevedo at Gateway to the Wisconsin State Reading Association

At the WSRA gateway

Silvia Acevedo Presenting at the Wisconsin State Reading Association

Enjoying the presentation

Silvia Acevedo's Set Up at the Wisconsin State Reading Association

My set-up

Silvia Acevedo's Book Giveaway Jar

Slips in the Jar. Five names were drawn to get 20 books for their book club! :)

A crowd gathers for Silvia Acevedo's book giveaway

Hopefuls Awaiting the Draw

A winner for the God Awful Series of Books

Whoo hoo! I won!

A winner for the God Awful books

Another winner!

Gubernatorial and Mayoral Proclamations for WSRA


Silvia Acevedo and fellow authors at the Wisconsin State Reading Association 2017

Serious Wisconsin talent here. Left to right: Melissa Gorzelanczyk, Liz Czukas, Tricia Clasen, Stephanie Golightly Lowden, me, and JoAnn Early Macken.

Wrapping up 2016 with Four Final Events

Posted December 26th, 2016 by Silvia

Looking back at 2016, I can see that I had a lot to be thankful for. Most importantly, I have good health, a loving family, and dear friends, many of you among them. If we haven’t yet met in person, I hope to someday get the pleasure.

This year saw the release of the second in my God Awful Series of Books. I expect 2017 to bring the final installment of this comedic, mythological adventure. Until then, here are a few pictures of some of the authorial events that have kept me busy these past few months. Thanks to all who invited me / put up with me. Enjoy the pix and I wish you a very happy 2017! :)

Wisconsin Writers Association - Compelling Scenes Presentation by Silvia Acevedo

Oct 2016 – Presenting on writing compelling scenes for the Wisconsin Writers Association

Nov 2016 - Silvia Acevedo Presenting on Character Development at the Southeast WI Festival of Books

Nov 2016 – Presenting on character development @ the Southeast WI Festival of Books

Nov 2016 - Silvia Acevedo discussing God Awful Thief with the Columbus, WI, Books & Beer Book Club

Nov 2016 – Discussing God Awful Thief at Columbus WI’s Books & Beer Book Club

Milwaukee's Brown Deer Park, the beautiful Setting for Novel Lunch 2016

Milwaukee’s Brown Deer Park, the beautiful setting for Novel Lunch 2016

Guests at Novel Lunch 2016

Guests at Novel Lunch 2016

Books Donated by Publishers & Authors for Novel Lunch 2016

Books Donated by publishers & authors for Novel Lunch 2016

Silvia Acevedo & Other Sassy Authors at Novel Lunch 2016

Sassies at Novel Lunch 2016

Brown Deer Park, Novel Lunch 2016

The view, Novel Lunch 2016

Silvia Acevedo, author of God Awful Loser & God Awful Thief

Silvia Acevedo "I read YA"

Talking YA during Teen Read Week

Posted October 16th, 2016 by Silvia

What great fortune I had this week to join National Teen Read Week by being a part of a Young Adult Literature panel at the Oak Creek (WI) Public Library. We talked not only about YA trends but also about some of the tough topics that YA authors take on, such as teens’ body image and self esteem, sexuality/consent, and diversity. It was a great discussion with thoughtful questions from library goers. Enjoy some pix of the event! :)

Left to right: Authors Sandy Goldsworthy, Silvia Acevedo, Kelly Risser, Librarian Sarah, Author Liza Wiemer, and Panel Moderator Kellie

Left to right: Authors Sandy Goldsworthy, Silvia Acevedo, Kelly Risser, Librarian Sarah, Author Liza Wiemer, and Panel Moderator Kellie

Authors Silvia Acevedo, Sandy Goldsworthy, Panelist Kellie , and Authors Kelly Risser and Liza Wiemer

Author Liza Wiemer

Author Silvia Acevedo

Author Sandy Goldsworthy

Author Kelly Risser

We had a lot of fun, and I hope you got a chance this week to encourage reading – and maybe even got a few minutes to yourself to read! :)

Presenting at the NEW Sheboygan TEEN Book Festival

Posted October 9th, 2016 by Silvia

The Sheboygan Children’s Book Festival has enjoyed a great reputation as one of the premier book fests in the state. It’s free to the public, organized to the finest detail, and wildly entertaining for the kids who’ve gone since its 2010 start. New this year, the fest launched its TEEN book festival, and what a great event it was!

Turnout was great – and no wonder. The middle schoolers and high schoolers got to investigate books and meet authors who focus on them. Presenting authors talked about everything from depicting teenage life on paper to what inspires their particular bent. Author Valerie Biel and I talked about our love of mythology and how the genre is experiencing a popular renaissance. The teens were engaged and asked such insightful questions! All we authors were deeply impressed – and we made it onto trading cards. We felt like superheroes. :)

Here are some photos of this fantastic event. If you read Young Adult books or have a teenager in your life who does, seriously consider setting your calendar for next year’s festival. Both the Children’s and Teen’s Book Festivals run annually on the second weekend in October.

Author Silvia Acevedo at The Sheboygan Teen Book Festival

Author Silvia Acevedo at The Sheboygan Teen Book Festival

Author Silvia Acevedo at The Sheboygan Teen Book Festival

Author Silvia Acevedo at The Sheboygan Teen Book Festival

Author Silvia Acevedo at The Sheboygan Teen Book Festival

Authors and Illustrators of the Sheboygan Teen Book Festival 2016

Authors and Illustrators of the Sheboygan Children’s & Teen Book Festivals 2016

Good Day Wisconsin Plugs the Sheboygan Teen Book Festival

Posted October 9th, 2016 by Silvia

The inaugural year of Sheboygan’s Teen Book Festival is good news, and so local media let viewers know that their favorite children’s fest now has a teen component. Here’s video of a segment about it on Green Bay WLUK Good Day Wisconsin. Enjoy!

And here are some stills. Thanks to both WKUK-TV and Karin Menzer of the STBF for inviting me. I had fun and even went to Lambeau Field afterward. Go, Pack, go! :)

Good Day Wisconsin segment on the Sheboygan Teen Book Festival with Co-chair Karin Menzer & Author of the GOD AWFUL Series of Books Silvia Acevedo

Sheboygan Teen Book Festival Co-chair Karin Menzer & Author Silvia Acevedo share a laugh on WLUK Fox 11's Good Day Wisconsin Show

Gamin’ and More Gamin’

Posted October 9th, 2016 by Silvia

Thought I’d share a couple of fun photos from GenCon 2016, the world’s largest gaming convention. I was there in August with my artist husband, whose art is part of the gaming, fantasy, and book world. There were plenty of readers there, and many of them are artists in their own right. I was honored to be among them. :)

Silvia Acevedo's God Awful Loser Novel

Silvia Acevedo Signs Her Books

Hangin’ with Teens at Barnes & Noble’s B-Teen Book Festival

Posted June 13th, 2016 by Silvia

Barnes & Noble put on its first teen book festival this weekend, the largest national teen fest in the nation, and yours truly was truly honored to be a part of it. At Barnes & Noble Southland (Racine, WI), I got to talk with B&N’s great staff, area teens, and fellow authors. And at Barnes & Noble Bayshore (Glendale, WI), I met new friends and found some of the most enthusiastic readers in the area. What a fantastic event! Thanks, B&N! :)




Launching God Awful Thief

Posted May 15th, 2016 by Silvia

Book 2 in the God Awful Series of Books is now out in the world! The launch party for God Awful Thief was May 4th at the fantastic Boswell Books in Milwaukee. The launch was a lot of fun and attended by the people who mean the absolute most to me – and even some strangers who are now new friends. :) If you were there, THANKS so much for coming. If you were there in spirit, thanks for your well wishes.

Visit Three Points Publishing to learn more about God Awful Thief and its predecessor, God Awful Loser. Both can be purchased at Boswell and other independent bookstores as well as Amazon. If you want a signed copy, buy from Three Points Publishing.

Here are a few pictures from the event. Enjoy!

Launch Party of God Awful Thief

Launch Party of God Awful Thief

Launch Party of God Awful Thief

Launch Party of God Awful Thief

Launch Party of God Awful Thief

Launch Party of God Awful Thief

Launch Party of God Awful Thief

George Mallet of TODAY’S TMJ4 did a little story on the launch – with interview. Check it out here. Thanks, George! :)

A Wild, Wild Time at SCBWI’s Wild, Wild Midwest Conference

Posted May 3rd, 2016 by Silvia

Wrastling’ up five midwestern chapters of the The Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators is huge — big enough that the gathering only happens every four years. And I’m proud to say that I got myself wrangled up in it this go-’round and gave a panel talk with three other cowhands.

SCBWI's Wild, Wild Midwest

Indie Panel with (l-r) authors W. Nikola-Lisa, Silvia Acevedo, Andrea Skyberg, and Trina Sotira

The Gangster And The Flapper

Okay, so the Wild, Wild Midwest theme isn’t strongly enforced. No real cowhands, but it’s still a great chance for midwestern writers (and those from lots of other places, too) to meet.

SCBWI has taught me a lot about the craft of writing for children and teens, which is a whole different thing than writing for news. I’ve been to plenty of their conferences, but this weekend I actually got to present and share what I’ve learned, and that’s the way these things are supposed to work. You learn from others. Then you share what you’ve learned. Full circle. Nice.

And we had fun with a Roaring 20s social. I played flapper to the gangster, and she let me live to see another day. :)

Shoutout to the Great Carmel (IN) High School!

Posted May 3rd, 2016 by Silvia

Carmel (Indiana) CHS

Okay, we know kids are awesome. And presenting to kids is awesome. And hanging out with them to talk casually is even more awesome. Well, let me tell you, the young adults of Carmel (Indiana) High School are extra awesome.

I just got back from their school’s Creative Writing Con, where I joined 20 other authors talking to nearly 1,000 teens. Those young adults were tuned in and really wanting to learn the craft of writing. I had the BEST time being with them and the group pictured above in particular. Shoutout to Ms. Trachtman’s Honors English Class! So glad to have met them. :)

Following that, I spent the evening at Barnes & Noble Carmel with some truly gifted writers (What a treat!) while I signed copies of God Awful Loser. Such a great time! Thank you, Carmel, IN, Carmel High, and Liza at Barnes & Noble.

Barnes & Noble Carmel, IN