An odd find

Sometimes people ask me, as a writer, if I discover weird things while researching for a book.

Um, YES. Yes, oh yes. So much yes.

Writers often joke that if “the authorities” were to look at our browser history, they’d put us on a watch list. But really, how can a murder-mystery writer not read up on the many ways to murder a spouse? How can a writer of speculative fiction, like me, not look up otherworldly stuff? How dare you think we’re just a bit off?! (*inserts nervous laughter here*)

Okay, so what did I find? My current work-in-progress required I find an animal that growls, and of course I didn’t want to go with the obvious, like a dog. So a Google search finds this: a fish that growls. Say what? Yes. It’s called a red gurnard, as no doubt some of you will know, but I don’t fish, okay?!, so how would I know this? Gentlefolk, I present the big-headed fish that growls. It’s red and large and kinda turns my stomach, but it works for my story, so huzzah!