Get Your Thumb On for Thumb Wars

     I am so happy to announce that the latest of my husband’s books has been released and is now available to buy!

     Thumb Wars: The Ultimate Guide is the world’s definitive guide to that favorite let’s-decide-who’s-right fight, the thumb war. This activity book details rules, recommends conditioning exercises, and even comes with the niftiest anti-cheating glove ever — the Sleeve of Doom! Scholastic’s motto — “There’s no going back once you enter the Sleeve of Doom.”

     Jeff did every illustration in the book, the cover, and even a lot of the layout. You can find more of his art here.

     The book is already available online (If you go through Amazon, please leave a review!) and is slated to hit bookstores in February, so please go out and buy it!

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  1. Anne Bingham
    Anne Bingham says:

    What a fun book! I’ll keep my eye out for it when it comes out. And congratulations on your skating victories, Silvia, and your daughter/s. I am so impressed by skaters! We live just a few minutes from the Pettit and sometimes I walk there in bad weather. I wish somebody fairy godskater could make a killing in the stock market or the lottery and help them raise the funds they need for the maintenance they’ve had to defer. {boy, did this comment go off topic in a hurry!}

  2. Silvia
    Silvia says:

    Anne, thanks! The book IS awesome. My kids think the Sleeve of Doom is too cool for words! Thanks about the skating, too. I also wish the Pettit had more financial support, but it’s still a great facility. I always enjoy my time there.

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