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Get Your Thumb On for Thumb Wars

     I am so happy to announce that the latest of my husband’s books has been released and is now available to buy!

     Thumb Wars: The Ultimate Guide is the world’s definitive guide to that favorite let’s-decide-who’s-right fight, the thumb war. This activity book details rules, recommends conditioning exercises, and even comes with the niftiest anti-cheating glove ever — the Sleeve of Doom! Scholastic’s motto — “There’s no going back once you enter the Sleeve of Doom.”

     Jeff did every illustration in the book, the cover, and even a lot of the layout. You can find more of his art here.

     The book is already available online (If you go through Amazon, please leave a review!) and is slated to hit bookstores in February, so please go out and buy it!

Braving Long Track Nationals

     This weekend U.S. Speedskating held its 2011 Pack Style Long Track National Championships in Roseville, Minnesota. I’m happy to say that I defended my national championship title, and my daughter Antonia had an absolutely spectacular showing to come in second in her age division.

     Here’s a picture of one of her starts. She’s the second from the left in the green skinsuit.

     Her competition was fierce, and she performed magnificently, even getting a personal best. That’s not easy on an outdoor rink in -12 degree temps with gusting winds. Even an extra layer of spandex doesn’t help. I mean, it’s spandex, after all.

     And here’s a photo of the Master-class gals that I skated with. We just love this sport!

     A special thanks goes out to my daughter Corina and son, Armando, for their help at the meet and to my husband, Jeff, for his constant support.