Skatin’ Like a Newbie

Bam     There’s nothing like breaking in new skates to make you feel foolish. Talk about eating some Humble Pie…

     The skates are great — don’t get me wrong — but you know how it is. New skates have a whole different fit and feel to them. They feel taller / shorter / tighter / looser / more stiff / less stiff / whatever compared to the old ones, so my first time on the ice was fairly ridiculous. Sooooo little of the fierce control I always want and imagine having. 🙂

     So what’s the problem? The new skates are taller than my old ones, so I have to bend lower to touch the ice on the turns. The ankles were tight, so I had to get them punched out a bit. I’m also not confident in them yet, so that doesn’t help anywhere on the track.

     I figure another two sessions and I’ll feel more comfortable. Until then, my fellow skaters might want to keep a safe distance. It’s dangerous out there…

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  1. iris m olavarria
    iris m olavarria says:

    This skates are awesome. I need to watch you skate in them to actually see how they handle. but, of course, you are the best judge of that.

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