I Probably Had it Coming


     You’re supposed to treat your speedskates really well. They’re expensive and touchy and easily broken. So what do I do today on the ice but goof off, doing figure-skating spins on my long track speedskates. Naughty. That’s really bad for blades, but I figured I’d be resharpening the blades tonight anyway. Harmless fun.

     Then I’m doing laps and feeling my clap blade hitting differently. Sure enough, I’d lost the screw holding it on and had to cut short my workout.

     Coinky dink? Probably not. I eventually found the screw and made up for the shortened workout with a spin on my bike when I got home, but let that be a lesson to all the speedskaters visiting here. Go forward on your blades — not spinning round and round! But we all knew that…

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