Hittin’ the World Rankings

Silvia ranked 14th in the 1000 meter distance.     It’s not often a person can say they’re ranked world class, so I just have to sing about it a bit. Anyone who visits this blog regularly knows I speedskate. Love the sport and the camaraderie with adult skaters. Turns out I can be pretty proud of my actual performance, too. Just found out that I’m ranked in the top 20 worldwide in my age division. And get this — you see only one American flag there. For the first time in my skating career, I alone represent the women of the U.S. in all four distances (500, 1k, 1500, and 3k) in my age division. And speedskating’s given me four national championships, too, against some tough competition. I never imagined any of this when I set out to simply find a workout that I could do with my kids.

     I hope this encourages other moms out there to strap on some skates! Olympic fever, courtesy this go around of Sochi, Russia, is just 390 days away!

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