An Interview with Author Silvia Acevedo

by Genevieve Angelique, SCBWI-WI Blog Editor
Interview first published July 31, 2017 at SCBWI-WI.
Reprinted with permission.

In anticipation of our Wisconsin’s SCBWI Fall Conference Experiment & Play, we’ve put together an interview series as a way to meet the people behind this year’s presentations and breakout sessions. Today, I’m spotlighting author Silvia Acevedo.

S. Acevedo is a journalist turned novelist. In her 20 years in news, she’s interviewed presidential candidates, covered national and international stories, and given breaking news reports for CNN and local television and radio stations around the country. She also occasionally guest hosts a television morning talk show for the Milwaukee NBC affiliate. All those years of reporting objective fact enticed her to delve into her imagination in her off time, and so Ms. Acevedo brought fiction — particularly mythology — back into her life. When she did, the gods of old pestered her to write about them. The result is The God Awful Series of Books, beginning with God Awful Loser, followed by God Awful Thief, released in May of 2016.

Silvia, we are thrilled that you will be presenting at our fall conference. Thanks for answering a few questions for us!

Can you tell us about your writing environment? 

“I don’t have a set writing environment. I write at my standing desk, my dining room table, the outside deck, the library, or at a coffee shop. One thing you can always count on, though, is that I have my physical notes with me so that I’m not absolutely required to use an electronic device. I do love my laptop, but sometimes it’s nice to write longhand for the change of pace and to get my eyes away from a screen. Plus the sound of a pen scratching across real paper is very satisfying.”

What has been the most useful career tip you’ve recieved?

“Artistic growth doesn’t happen overnight, so take your time creating your work, have fun experimenting with your artistic vision, and enjoy the process.”

What mentors, books, or philosphy has helped you along our artistic journey? 

“Mentors have helped me the most in my journey, and there have been many of them. I’m lucky enough to have a wide circle of creative people in my life. They are visual artists, writers, musicians, and connoisseurs of the cutting edge. These inventive people champion artistic endeavors, including mine, and helped me get over myself when I needed it most. It’s a wonderful thing to know people who encourage boldness. ”

What do you look forward to at the fall conference? 

“Without a doubt, it’s communing with like-minded creatives. The energy that comes from spending time with writers, illustrators, and publishing professionals can’t be duplicated, and the creative vibe is infectious. I always walk away energized, full of promising ideas, and grateful to have made new friends.”

What is your favorite memory as a writer? 

“Most of my career was spent as a journalist writing news copy, so everything I wrote was “just the facts.” I never considered myself particularly creative, although I now realize that I’d never given my creative side a shot. Once I let my imagination fly, it spawned really fun scenes to which readers have reacted well. I guess that means my favorite memory is a series of moments, when my writing is flowing and my imagination is firing and I’m having so much fun that my fingers are flying across the keyboard. Those moments are golden. Oh, and it’s also awesome to get emails from readers.”

Thanks, Silvia!

Genevieve Angelique is a YA writer, blusher, & Ravenclaw librarian turned SCBWI-WI blog editor. You can find her online @Genevieve Angelique or on Twitter.