Finally, some snow! Jersey City and New York City seems generally about ten to 15 degrees warmer to me than Milwaukee, and their weather events are a day behind. So when I saw that a snowstorm was expected to hit Wisconsin and travel on as a nor’easter, I was like, whoo hoo!!! Snow at last! It wasn’t deep, not a huge snowfall, but area officials and regular folks took precautions. It was a generally well handled storm, and yes, it was beautiful.

silhouettes of two cats on a cat tower

My cats sensing snowy weather

Manhattan skyline under a stormy sky

The sky above Manhattan portends a storm

snowy city from above

The snowy city from my top floor apartment window


Street view

Silvia Acevedo and Jeff Miracola smiling with snow and a colorful sunset behind them

Snow and a beautiful sunset would make anyone smile