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Jeff Miracola Morning Blend     There’s quite a bit of news to report about Welcome to Monster Isle, the picture book illustrated by Jeff Miracola, my hubby.

     The book’s been distributed and is now available on bookstore shelves! In the Milwaukee area, you can find copies at independent bookstores such as Harry W. Schwartz. You can also find a list of convenient retailers at monsterisle.net, where you’ll also discover extras such as coloring pages.

Morning Blend Pumpkin     More news: Today Jeff was a guest on WTMJ’s local TV talk show The Morning Blend. Hosts Alison de Castro and Molly Fay talked with Jeff about the book, his previous works, and what’s next (Click here to see the interview.). I hung in the wings, took pictures, and generally took up space. 🙂 Well, I also chatted with former colleague and TMB Executive Producer Kim Buchanan, whose boys are diggin’ the art.

     And speaking of which, thanks so much to everyone who’s contacted us to say how much their children are enjoying the book. It’s so nice to hear and makes Jeff so happy.

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