Mail Me Art

     Years ago, when I was studying in Spain and my husband was courting me all the way from Milwaukee, he’d send letters to me in envelopes that he’d turned into elaborate works of art. He’d create beautiful designs on the envelopes, which I just loved, and which got lots of attention from anyone who saw them.

     Flash to today, when I can proudly announce that my husband, Jeff Miracola, has artwork in another newly-released book and on display in London’s Red Gate Gallery. And, you guessed it, it features mail art!

     The Mail Me Art book features two hundred of the best illustrations from some of the great artists of today collected by art-lover Darren Di Lieto. It can be purchased here (USD) or here (GBP). Check out the MailMeArt website and, if you’re in London anytime soon, check out the gallery exhibit at:

     Red Gate Gallery
     209a Coldharbour Lane
     London. SW9 8RU. UK
     +44 (0)207.326.0993

     Seeing Jeff create the piece selected for this project really brought back some great memories. I love the work and hope you will, too.

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