Kindle’s Highlight Feature Allows for Social Reading

     I recently read a great New York Times article that I wanted to share. It’s about the Kindle-users’ ability to highlight favorite passages, which other readers on the network would then notice and perhaps comment upon. There’s been criticism of this function; some people fear the popular passages will distract readers from thoughtful, solitary contemplation, which they believe is necessary for higher reasoning and, therefore, better reading.

     The writer of the article argues, “Quiet contemplation has led to its fair share of important thoughts. But it cannot be denied that good ideas also emerge in networks.” I must agree. While I sometimes slip into a good book for reasons of pure escapism and, thus, want to be left to enjoy the adventure in peace, I also enjoy talking with people about great books. Apparently many other people feel the same way, as evidenced by the thousands of book clubs across the country. Obviously a great many people enjoy sharing literature and new ideas.

     As a writer, I’d also love to learn which passages are my readers’ favorites. Who wouldn’t want to know which words struck a chord?

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