In Memory of Louvenia Johnson

Louvenia Johnson     Ms. Louvenia Johnson looked peaceful today. As well she should, as she heads to her eternal rest. The 96-year-old founder of the Milwaukee Times Weekly Newspaper has blessed countless people, including me. Years ago, I was one of many college-bound students who received money through the scholarship that bears Ms. Johnson’s name, and, this week, I was shocked and humbled to see my name in the advisory announcing her passing. It is perhaps the highest honor ever bestowed me.

     Ms. Johnson was an extraordinary person. She believed in the power of journalism to improve people’s lives. In 1981, as a retiree, she and three others founded the Christian Times, which grew to become the Milwaukee Times. Seven years later, she established, with her Social Security retirement funds, The Louvenia Johnson Journalism Scholarship Fund, which is reported to have awarded more than $350,000 to date.

     I am grateful for the financial help she gave me then and the esteem at which she held me since. I hope someday to make such a difference as she.

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