Harry W. Schwartz Bookshops Fold

Harry W. Schwartz Bookshops     It is with great sadness that I post of the folding of Milwaukee’s own independent bookstore, Harry W. Schwartz. The bookseller has four location and has been in business for 82 years. It was a great supporter of local authors and illustrators.

     Schwartz blames the same profound economic shifts that have brought down scores of other independent bookstores throughout the country and bode ill for surviving sellers.

     Fewer bookstores mean fewer visible choices for readers, as megachains further control which books make it to shelves, thus greatly impacting a work’s sales. Big chains themselves are not bad, but I hate to see smaller stores be lost. Options are good. Choices are positive things for consumers.

     With that in mind, I’m wishing two of Schwartz’s managers success as each plans to buy a location and strike out on their own. The Downer Avenue location is set to open as the Boswell Book Company in April under the ownership of Daniel Goldwin. Lanora Hurley is in talks to open the Mequon location as the Next Chapter Bookshop, opening date yet to be determined.

     To see Schwartz’s official announcement, please click here.

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