We all have so many hats we wear on a daily basis: Parent (home manager, teacher, chauffeur), daughter/son, friend, along with the title associated with whatever work we do in or out of the home.

     Today I add the title of commentator to my repetoire. WTMJ-TV asked me to return to the airwaves to comment on a news topic of the day. I joined Anchors Courtny Gerrish and George Mallet and WTMJ-AM Host Jeff Wagner for two short segments. The first was about Republican Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin’s comment on Democratic Vice Presidential Candidate Joe Biden. Check it out:

     The second segment was about Harbor 550’s imminent closing and TGI Friday’s dismissal of a musician who sang the Chicago Cub’s theme song. See that here:

     It was an interesting change for me, and it was superb to see my former colleagues at the station. Many thanks to those who watched and commented.

     By the way, how many commentators does it take to screw in a light bulb? The world will never know — commentators never shut up long enough to do it.

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