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Silvia Acevedo Caricature      An understanding friend recently quoted Vincent Van Gogh to me, saying, “What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?”

     After five great years of working at WTMJ, I’ve stepped down. Sunday, March 9th, was my final day, and what a send-off it’s been. Friday, many of my colleagues gathered at Bar Louie to wish me well, and, Sunday, the weekenders had a sneaky little party planned. I should have expected it because they’re uncommonly generous. Many people signed around the superb caricature that station artist Nick created of me, at right, and Shelley Walcott was her usual sweet self, writing about the day:

Goodbye Silvia Acevedo

     Leaving such a group of caring and awesomely talented people was a very difficult decision. At heart, I’m a writer and journalist, and have been immersed in that world for so long, that I find it difficult to say that I wouldn’t ever return to it in one form or another. For now, though, I have a unique opportunity in my life to focus on other things which also mean a great deal to me.

     Thanks, everyone, for everything.

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  1. Mark & Ericka Short
    Mark & Ericka Short says:

    Sylvia, good luck to you in your career move. I thought that Channel 4 could’ve used you a lot more with respect to Hispanic issues in Milwaukee especially you grew up here and are bi-lingual. It seems like you were just kind of buried there doing weekend reporting. I suppose five years in broadcast news is a long time and maybe it is time to move on for all parties. I’m not a fan of the direction that Channel 4 news has taken but there are still a few good reporters there that I respect. Looking at your blog it looks like there’s a lot of dimensions to you than just being stuck doing weekend TV reporting on the latest car accident or homicide. Best wishes.

  2. Silvia
    Silvia says:

    Thanks, Mark and Ericka,

    Channel 4’s been very good to me. I’ve worked other shifts there, and the five years were some of the best of my career. Thanks for your generous comments and for visiting my blog.

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