Breaking Dawn

Breaking Dawn     I adore Bella Swan. And I’m so sad to read the end of her story. Stephenie Meyer has said that Breaking Dawn will be the end of the Twilight Saga as told by Bella. Of course, fans are anxiously awaiting Midnight Sun, to hear Edward’s perspective, but still, there are real pangs, real angst with the final the end of Book Four.

     I realize there are people who haven’t finished it yet, so I won’t give out any spoilers. I will however, mention a few sections of the books that I just love (so stop reading now, if you don’t want to know). These sections just drip with visual descriptions. No specific lines quoted here, both because I respect Ms. Meyer’s copyright and because lines won’t read the same out of context.

     I love Twilight‘s meadow scene, the description of sparking diamonds. Such an image.

     Bella’s fear as she traversed New Moon‘s tunnel; the inky blackness and the grate’s finality. If that doesn’t paint a mental picture, I don’t know what will.

      In Eclipse, Bella and Edward’s reunion after her breakout is so tender; the sweetness of reunion.

     And Jacob’s realizing, in Breaking Dawn, that the pull he felt was gone.

     I sincerely wish I could go on and on in deep detail about the great scenes and superb lines in these books, but that would take another four books in and of itself. The books were meant to be enjoyed in their entirety, too, to be given justice.

     Thank you, Ms. Meyer, for a great series.

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