A Year of Purpose

     For me, a new year brings the hope of new possibilities. I ponder new goals and feel renewed ambition.

     I’ve found that some people dislike the idea of New Year’s resolutions, seeing them as contrived and unattainable. I suppose some resolutions are. I tend to devise smaller, more attainable goals for myself and take tiny steps each day to achieve them.

     It was in this way, last year, that I got so much writing done. This year, I will work on finishing the manuscript for my picture book, and, by year’s end, I expect to have made substantial progress on my next novel.

     I’m very grateful to my family and friends, who’ve encouraged my fiction writing this past year. I hope to enjoy as much encouragement in 2008, even as I hope to encourage others.

     Many blessings to you all in 2008.

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  1. Rebecca Laffar-Smith
    Rebecca Laffar-Smith says:

    I wish you the best of luck with your writing goals for this new year, Silvia! I think ‘resolutions’ have gathered so much flak because they are made with half-hearted, pie-in-the-sky, and off-hand comments. Goal setting is more than saying you will do something. Goal setting is about coming to terms with why you ‘must’ do this and what the small steps you need to take to reach this goal are.

    It is one thing to say, “I will earn $100,000 this year.” and quite another to put together a plan to accomplish this goal. Without the plan we make very little progress and ultimately fail to accomplish the resolution. The following year rolls around and the resolution has fallen to the sidelines. Courage to resolve fades and people assume resolutions don’t work.

    The truth is, resolutions are only the first stage. From there we must plan, and act.

    It sounds like you already know that and are having wonderous successes. I hope these continues for you in 2008.

    Rebecca Laffar-Smith

  2. Silvia
    Silvia says:

    The quote of the day, provided by the talented Rebecca:

    “Resolutions are only the first stage. From there, we must plan and act.”


  3. Silvia
    Silvia says:

    Thanks, Michele! I like your blog as well. Your post on staying healthy to keep the “writing well” from running dry really spoke to me. You just can’t do much of anything well when you’re run down. I’ve been taking extra care so far this year to eat well and exercise. It’s helped in every aspect of my life.

    Michele, I’m going to do the 123, Meme exercise for my next blog. Here goes nothing…


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