You Saved Books in 2014

circle_of_nine_beltanyAn interesting article cites you, Internet-savvy buyer, as saving young adult literature, especially if you bought an ebook this year for the teens in your life despite their apparent preference for physical books. Interesting juxtaposition, no? HERE’S the article.

Part of the strong showing for young adult lit is obvious. Teens still love stories, those motivated to read them will still find the time, and the quickly maturing young adults in our lives still relish the chance to safely explore new situations and emotions through books.

The part that isn’t so obvious is why such a plugged-in generation prefers physical books. But I suppose we all have to unplug sometimes, don’t we?

Whether it’s the physical or ebook you prefer, rejoice for 2014. Healthy book sales are good for authors, illustrators, and really, adults everywhere. We all want an educated and empathetic populace. If you bought a book for yourself or, really, anyone else this year, congratulate yourself. You made the publishing — and real life — worlds a better place.

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