Writing Prompt – Snob Much?

300 Writing Prompts by Piccadilly Inc.My fiction is usually long form, so last week I decided to change things up and start a habit of writing in much smaller chunks.  I bought this journal: 300 Writing Prompts by Piccadilly Inc. The idea is to give quick answers without a lot of humming and hawing. I’ll post my answers here occasionally.

Is there anything you are ever a snob about?

Oh, sure.  Aren’t we all snobs?  I mean, not about everything, but we’re all snobs about some things. I’m a snob about:

*Chocolate (Dark, not milk, please.),

*Coffee (Decaf with cream, please),

*Grammar (It has value and purpose; if you respect others, learn it and use it.),

*Equality (Your gender doesn’t make you superior, nor does your ethnicity, race, or religion.), and finally,

*Fairness (To treat people differently based on social standing, fame, wealth, etc., is just wrong and soul-crushing. Be kind to one another.)

So what are you a snob about? Tell me in the comments. 🙂

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