Messy Notes

Paper Stack     My test readers are done with my manuscript (Thank you, all!) and helped make it a better work. Now it’s in the hands of those professionals who actually make a living selling books. I’m sure they’ll find ways to improve it, which is a good thing.

     Meanwhile, I’m back to work on a young adult fantasy that I started some time ago. First, however, I had to reorganize my notes because they were an absolute mess. Usually I’m very, very organized, so I was surprised to see just how sloppily I’d left my jottings. The trouble came when I was working out different outlines in a notebook and just turned pages as I abandoned certain plotlines. I should have ripped out the pages, but I didn’t, thus I really had my work cut out for me when I revisited them later.

     Actually, I suppose I could say that the trouble really started when I chose to write my outlines on paper at all. I usually do everything on my computer specifically because it’s easy to cut and paste, etc. Must have had a reason for trying the outline freehand, but darned if I can remember what the reason was.

     So let that be a lesson to myself — and anyone else who may choose to heed it. Don’t drop work for awhile that’s in a messy state. Makes it slow-going to get started up again.

     Happily, I’m done reorganizing and back to writing (Finally!) and I’m having fun again. I like this story a lot and hope to finish it this summer.

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