Fear and Presence in Fiction

Author Kelly DiPucchio, Editor Stacey Barney, Editor Adah Megged Nuchi, Editor Julie Ham, Illustrator Judith Byron Schachner, and Author Kathleen Duey

Sometimes — often times — writing fiction takes courage, and I’m not just talking about opening yourself up to critics. I’m talking about feeling and facing the fears and problems of your characters. I just got back from an intense writing conference put on by the Wisconsin Chapter of the Society of Children Book Writers and Illustrators in which the presenters forced us to look hard at our characters’ points of view, challenges, fears, and inner selves. Our characters need to be so vivid and present in their actions that we readers feel ourselves to be there.

Above are a few of the presenters at the convention, including authors, illustrators, and editors. With their help and that of other talented creators in attendance, we hope to enrich our writing, enhance industry connections, and make new friends. One great icebreaker: Dr. Seuss shoes! 🙂


Another way: open mic. Does it take a certain amount of bravery to read a smattering of your work to a roomful of (better) writers? You betcha. But so what? I did it anyway. So did others. We’re all there for love of word.


And we even got entertainment! At what other writing conference could you find a good belly dance?

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