Skatin’ Like a Newbie

Bam     There’s nothing like breaking in new skates to make you feel foolish. Talk about eating some Humble Pie…

     The skates are great — don’t get me wrong — but you know how it is. New skates have a whole different fit and feel to them. They feel taller / shorter / tighter / looser / more stiff / less stiff / whatever compared to the old ones, so my first time on the ice was fairly ridiculous. Sooooo little of the fierce control I always want and imagine having. 🙂

     So what’s the problem? The new skates are taller than my old ones, so I have to bend lower to touch the ice on the turns. The ankles were tight, so I had to get them punched out a bit. I’m also not confident in them yet, so that doesn’t help anywhere on the track.

     I figure another two sessions and I’ll feel more comfortable. Until then, my fellow skaters might want to keep a safe distance. It’s dangerous out there…

New Short Track Skates!


     I can’t wait until Tuesday when I’ll have my first practice on my new short track skates! Check ’em out: Bont Jets with Maple Chrome blades.

     These boots have a higher ankle than the long track boots, and that’s really needed for the lean and the digging into the ice on sharp turns.

     I’m still doing long track speedskating as well and went to the Pettit Center’s time trials Saturday. Congrats to everyone who achieved their qualifying times and personal bests!