I’ve always been interested in languages and word usage. I was raised speaking Spanish and spent many glorious years learning the syntax, intricacies, and poetry behind Spanish, English, and languages in general. I had a passion for language throughout school, which was finally honed in a journalism class in college. I had to take an English prerequisite and chose an “Introduction to Journalism” class.

     I was hooked. I discovered, “I can write! I can report!” Whether I’m any good at it or not is something only the reader (or viewer) can decide, but there you have it. I had found what I wanted to do: tell stories.

     I graduated from the University of Wisconsin – Madison with a triple major: Journalism (with a dual emphasis of news editorial and broadcast), Spanish, and Latin American / Iberian Studies. See there how they meld — journalism, writing, language, and people were all rolled together as my influences.

     I then went into years of writing and presenting news for organizations such as WTMJ-TV, where I’ve returned several times to guest host The Morning Blend talk show and to provide news commentary, KTBC-TV, KRDO-TV, WISN-TV, WKOW-TV, WORT-FM, The Milwaukee Sentinel, and The Badger Herald. This was great discipline for learning to write under deadline. It also provides a wealth of insight into human nature. I’ve interviewed thousands of people, some of whom had great talent, some who had great compassion, some who were suspicious, others who were trusting, and some who were so special, you’d never, ever forget them.

     For years, I harbored a desire to write fiction, jotting down story ideas and interesting lines that would pop into my head. Finally, I’ve completed not one manuscript but several. I’m so proud of myself I could burst. Published or not, seeing a self-assigned project, like a book, through to completion is an accomplishment of which anyone should be proud.