Yeah! Getting Closer!

     It’s been a great week. A respected figure in publishing is interested in turning one of my works into a series, and we’re moving ahead on that path. There are still revisions to be made, but it’s a very promising step that I’m pleased to share with you all!

     Also, my young adult novel is coming along nicely. I’ve gotten some excellent feedback from my critique group and have incorporated quite a few of their suggestions into the manuscript. Extra eyes really do improve the work.

     That’s the latest! Happy writing!

Who’da Thunk?

Silvia Acevedo     For whatever reason, I haven’t posted much on something which is a fairly large part of my life. Until today. But I’m just so amazed that I have to share my good news.

     Today I clinched my division in the US Speedskating National Long Track Championships held at Milwaukee’s Pettit National Ice Center. That means… drumroll please… I’m the National Champ!

     I’ve been speedskating for three years and figure skating for longer. I love both, but found myself strangely drawn to the need for speed. Who’da thunk it’d lead to a national championship? I’ve never been national anything before.

     But there’s even more good news. My daughter, Antonia, took fourth in her division, against some tremendously talented girls, some more than a year older than she. We both skated five races, and got our personal bests in all of them. My eldest daughter, Corina, and son Armando also speedskate and are showing great promise! As for my husband, well, I’m still trying to connive him into getting on the ice.

     My thanks to U.S. Speedskating; Robert R. Stewart for sponsoring my division; the Pettit National Ice Center; my club, Badger Speedskating; our coach, Jeff Brand, my darling and supportive husband, and all the folks who make the sport fun! 🙂