Wow, 2009 Already!

2009     Okay, I know that I sound like an old fuddie duddie when I say, “Oh my, where did the time go? Another year come and gone!” Well, dangit, that’s exactly how I feel, and I just cannot believe that another year’s rolling ’round.

     And what a historic year it was. New leaders. World changes. So, the eternal question. How did things change in your world? Did you accomplish your goals this year? Are you afraid to look?

     I didn’t finish my next novel, but I did get far in it, which was my stated goal this year. It sure would have been nice to finish it, though. *Sigh.* And I’m planning on revamping a past work that’s garnering some interest, so there’s promising work ahead.

     Here’s to wishing you and yours a great 2009. Much happiness and many blessings.

Everyone’s a Critic

A+     But not everyone does it well. There are angry critics who reject everything they see. There are unhelpful critics who expound without explanation. There are sunshiny, happy critics who see toil behind every work and inevitably praise every effort. Finally, there are objective, helpful critics who judge a work systematically and with professionalism.

     I’m in a crit group that’s working on our style of critique, and one member helpfully suggested author Victory Crayne’s detailed method for critiquing fiction, found here. I liked its itemized, blow-by-blow approach to offering truly helpful critiques. Nicely done and worth a look!

Entertainment and Snow

     I’ve been asked to be a regular guest on WTMJ-TV’s Live at 3 show, again joining anchors Charles Benson, Courtny Gerrish, and WTMJ-AM Host Jeff Wagner to talk over the hot topic of the day.

     In today’s “What’s Hot” segments, we discussed the waning economy and why video games are still big sellers:

     Hot Topics Number Two and Three: Will Britney Spears’ comeback efforts be successful and how well did the city of Milwaukee handle its first test of clearing snow:

     I’ll be on the show occasionally, so I’ll update my blog with the segments, but never fear, I’ll also continue to write — and blog about it!