Guest Hosting The Morning Blend

     What a wonderful time! This morning I enjoyed the rare opportunity of guest hosting a television talk show. The Morning Blend is a warm, affirming, and really fun show airing weekdays at 9 a.m. on TODAY’S TMJ4. Lovely host Tiffany Ogle welcomed me as I filled in for her equally talented partner, Molly Fay.

     It was my first time on television in nearly three years. I remembered how it all worked, so I guess it’s just like riding a bicycle. 🙂

     Want to watch some of my foibles? Just go to my YouTube channel. I’d love to hear your feedback!

     A special thanks goes out to everyone at The Morning Blend for welcoming me!

What’s Hot? The Election!

     On this Election Day, I joined WTMJ-TV Anchors George Mallet and Courtny Gerrish and WTMJ-AM Host Jeff Wagner on the show’s “What’s Hot” segment to talk over election- and voting- related issues.

     Hot Topic Number One: How foreign countries view the U.S. election and hope for a “less arrogant America.” My take? See for yourself:

     Hot Topics Number Two and Three: Whether the state of Wisconsin should require voters to show a photo ID to vote and whether Republican Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin was poorly dressed at the polls, considering the controversy over her wardrobe costs. My thoughts here:

     Lots to say on all those issues, but they can’t be said now. Election results are pouring in!


   We all have so many hats we wear on a daily basis: Parent (home manager, teacher, chauffeur), daughter/son, friend, along with the title associated with whatever work we do in or out of the home.

     Today I add the title of commentator to my repetoire. WTMJ-TV asked me to return to the airwaves to comment on a news topic of the day. I joined Anchors Courtny Gerrish and George Mallet and WTMJ-AM Host Jeff Wagner for two short segments. The first was about Republican Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin’s comment on Democratic Vice Presidential Candidate Joe Biden. Check it out:

     The second segment was about Harbor 550’s imminent closing and TGI Friday’s dismissal of a musician who sang the Chicago Cub’s theme song. See that here:

     It was an interesting change for me, and it was superb to see my former colleagues at the station. Many thanks to those who watched and commented.

     By the way, how many commentators does it take to screw in a light bulb? The world will never know — commentators never shut up long enough to do it.