Scrapping a Chapter for “Wisconsin Writes”

Wisconsin Writes - Marci and Silvia AcevedoSoon Wisconsin students engaged in writing will have video proof that, yeah, sometimes you just have to scrap what doesn’t work. And who got to teach them that? Why, yes, you guessed right. It was me.

It was part of an interesting video project being put on by the Wisconsin Department of Public Schools, the state agency that runs public schools. The “Wisconsin Writes” project aims to catch Wisconsin authors wherever they happen to be in their work-in-progress to talk to students about how they’re advancing their work and to answer a few tough questions. My work-in-progress is the sequel to God Awful Loser.

It so happens that I was at a point in which I’d explored a certain path only to find it didn’t work, and so I was on the cusp of scrapping a full chapter. That turned into a talk about how sometimes you just have to try something out, see how it goes, get messy, be willing to change it or let it go if it’s not your vision, and embrace picking it up again where you left off. I hope hearing that is helpful to students.

Here I am signing God Awful Loser for the program’s host. Thanks, Marci, for inviting me. 🙂

Featured on “Interviewing Authors”

Silvia Acevedo on Interviewing Authors PodcastWhat an honor it is to be interviewed about your work, but it’s especially wonderful when the interviewer is Tim Knox, author, entrepreneur, and host of the hugely popular “Interviewing Authors” podcast.

Tim Knox has interviewed many fascinating and talented publishing professionals. His podcasts are endlessly entertaining and a treasure trove of insight. I’ve enjoyed them, each and every one, for a long time now.

Tim and I had a fun talk about my newly released fantasy novel, God Awful Loser, my TV life, and just how interfering Venus is, really. And Tim is so complimentary, calling God Awful Loser “one of my favorite books of the year, and I don’t say that lightly.” Here’s a link to our talk. Enjoy!

Battering the Gods on The Blend

We are just a day ahead of my book launch, and in advance of it I chatted it up on Milwaukee’s favorite talk show, The Morning Blend. Hosts Molly Fay, Tiffany Ogle, and I talked about the light-hearted fun mythology can offer readers, my transition from writing news to now writing fiction, and of course how the gods misbehave.

You can view the video here in case you missed the show and the live stream. And please come on down to my launch party! It’s tomorrow, Friday, May 8th, at 7 p.m. at Boswell Book Company in Milwaukee. Love to see you there!

The event info is also on Facebook where you can RSVP:

Mythology Everywhere!

I’ve been converting some of my old TV news tapes to digital, and I found a report wherein I very enthusiastically explain the afterlife myths of Ancient Egyptians for an upcoming museum exhibit. I go pretty in depth, and the anchors’ reactions are priceless.

My upcoming novel, God Awful Loser, is about Roman mythology, and I had just as much fun writing about Roman myths as talking about Egyptian ones. Mythology seems to be everywhere, and perhaps The Fates demanded I write it. 🙂

Buzzin’ on The Blend!

Thoroughly enjoyed guest hosting The Morning Blend with fun-loving Molly Fay. Take a look at The Buzz, always a cut-up.

And Now I’m a Sports Announcer!

Sports Announcing

     If you spend enough years in front of a microphone and get plugged in to your community, eventually you’ll have interesting opportunities come your way. And me not being one to turn down opportunities (or people depending on me), I say yes.

     So I’ve had the very good fortune to get pulled into live sports announcing. For the past few years, I’ve occasionally announced speedskating events in Milwaukee for meets ranging from Olympic Qualifying, World Cup Qualifying, and even small regional meets.

     Now I’m adding high school swimming to my sports announcing! My daughter’s team needed an announcer for a large conference meet, and I was volunteered. I’m not hugely plugged into that sport, but I always want to stretch my abilities and try new things. I was asked back, so that’s a good endorsement.

     I’m grateful to have the chance to try new things. Many thanks to all who provide the opportunities!

Making Everything Better

One of the things I love about guest hosting The Morning Blend talk show is the chance to discuss with people from all walks of life how they handle their personal trials and make things better for others. Below are a couple of recent segments that do just that.

The first features Speedskating Olympian Brian Hansen just before the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics. He talks about training, nutrition, and his other contribution to sport, the muscle-rolling, athlete-hydrating invention, Bottle Bark.

The second segment features Milwaukee-area moms who discuss the importance of finding time for themselves — and the wonderful people who help them do it. It’s a tribute to the parenting support system.


Guest Hosting The Morning Blend

The Morning Blend

I’m so happy to be able to guest host The Morning Blend again tomorrow, Tuesday, May 27! The show is so much fun, and I love catching up with all the great people behind the show. I hope you’ll get a chance to tune in: 9 a.m. Central on TODAY’S TMJ4.

When Tragedy Strikes

You just never know when terrible things will happen. You can only hope that bad situations are kept from getting worse and that you’ll be around people who keep a cool head.

I experienced those things this weekend when I landed at Los Angeles International Airport right after the crazed shooting there that took the life of a TSA agent.

When our wheels touched down, my fellow passengers and I knew nothing of what was happening, but as we taxied, I pointed out to my husband all the helicopters flying in close proximity over the terminals. He spotted police cars zooming every which way. And then people on the tarmac. An announcement by our pilot told us what had just happened.

The pilot’s controlled demeanor was mirrored by the crew and passengers around me. I called my old newsroom, WTMJ-TV, and, as we passengers were evacuated from the plane and moved to a safe location, I gave the people back home a few updates throughout the day. Eventually, I ended up talking to more news outlets, radio and TV, in Spanish and English. I hope my reports both gave a sense of what we were experiencing and helped to calm the nerves of relatives who knew their loved ones had traveled on that same plane with me from Milwaukee.

I’d like to thank those that contacted me worrying for our welfare, but I’d more like to ask that we take a moment to contemplate what happened. Another horror in a stream of senseless violence. The TSA agent killed was a mere 39 years old. He was a husband and father of two. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family.

Laugh Along with Me

     Sometimes you just get along with everyone in the room and have the best time. That’s how it’s been the past couple of days guest hosting The Morning Blend. I’ve done it a few times before and am always honored to be asked back. Tiffany Ogle (on the left) and I (you guessed it, on the right) had a lot of fun laughing at — and with — each other on air along with the whole crew, who are just a blast to be around besides being top-notch professionals.

     If you’d like to see how the show went, you can check out the segments on my YouTube channel. I hope you’ll enjoy watching them as much as I enjoyed being there!