God Awful Loser – Book 1 in the award-winning God Awful Series

Life’s good at the top.

Until you’re not.

The son of the God of War has it all, and the smooth-talking, jet-setting master knows it. The once chubby cherub now has adoring fans, a shiny red limousine, and a mansion nearly, almost, not quite big enough to hold his enormous and ever-growing ego.

But everything changes for the sloppy, ill-aiming love god when a meddling stranger challenges him for his crown. Not even the advice of his war-mongering father, Mars, and embarrassingly underdressed mother, Venus, can save Cupid from the skids. Facing enraged immortals, epic battles against hell’s most vile creatures, and the dread of becoming mortal himself, Cupid teams up with an unlikely band of misfit fallen angels in the hopes of saving himself, the Olympic kingdom, and humans the world over. But can such an inept team of losers finally win when it counts?

Funny, rude, and planted smack in modern times, God Awful Loser is a new chapter on the ancient gods’ bad — and hugely entertaining — choices. May we never follow in their footsteps.

Book Details

Age Range: 12 and up
Grade Level: 7 and up
Publication date: 5/2015
Hardcover: 360 pages
Size: 5.5″x8.5″
Publisher: Three Points Publishing
Language: English
ISBN-10 (hardcover): 0986320706
ISBN-13 (hardcover): 9780986320705
ISBN-10 (eBook): 0986320714
ISBN-13 (eBook): 9780986320712

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“funny moments and attention-grabbing action scenes… this book might appeal to older fans of the Rick Riordan books or those interested in Roman mythology. VERDICT for larger libraries with high demand for mythological fiction.”

“A wonderful story with lots of humor! Cupid goes off the straight and arrow! Lots of humor as readers watch Cupid fall from grace and try to regain his position as the matchmaker of love! Lots of mythology. I wouldn’t hesitate to give this to strong readers in 6th grade and up who read YA. Redemption is a key theme as well as respect for women and relationships.”

“Worth the read! I’m an adult and found this story very enjoyable, very suspenseful, amusing – just downright fun. Lots of interesting twists in the plot – definitely a page turner. Well done to Ms. Acevedo on her first release!”

“Great debut filled with humor and wit! Silvia Acevedo’s debut book God Awful Loser is a funny and fast-paced story about Cupid. No, not the cherub-faced, innocent looking archer. Think more along the lines of a 1970’s Tom Jones that has fallen from grace due to his over-inflated sense of self. When faced with a younger and more attractive replacement Cupid has to swallow his pride and change his ways or else he is the next one in the unemployment line. Definitely a clever book and I look forward to the other books in the series!”

“I really enjoyed it! Was a great read! Started reading and was hooked. The way she portrays the gods was smart, funny, and insightful. It was interesting to see how they changed over the course of the book and the authors take on how they would react to situations. I was very excited to see that she is planning to write a sequel as well! Looking forward to the next book and hoping for a whole series!”

“I finished reading the ebook version of this yesterday. IT WAS SO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I literally read it in 6 hours and would have finished sooner but was at work for the first part of it. When i started reading it he was a pompous a$$ but finished at a really great point and I can’t believe (***deleted spoiler here****). So great and I really hope this is a series and not just a stand alone book. Would love to read more books about Mars Jr. SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!”

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