I love meeting readers at schools, stores, conventions, and book clubs. Below are some of my popular presentations, although I’m happy to speak on any writerly topic that supplements your curricular unit or festival theme. Further down are a few organizers’ testimonials and my honoraria info. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, feel free to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.

Popular Presentations

Thirty minutes to one hour in length, including audio/visual highlights.

  • World Building

    For middle school and up, especially those interested in writing.
    What is world building and how can it pull readers into your story? Silvia Acevedo, author of God Awful Loser and its sequel, God Awful Thief, presents the paramount principals of world building and how you can use each point to expand or shrink the struggles of your protagonist and the expanse of your tale. Bring a notebook for some writing drills or a few selections of your work in progress that showcase an aspect of your world.

  • Dragons, Gods, and Fantastical Places

    For upper elementary school and up, general interest.
    Join Silvia Acevedo, author of the God Awful Series of Books, as she talks about the power of fantasy and mythology as a deep well of inspiration for her fiction – and how popular series have made it all cool again.

  • Let’s Make a Scene!

    For middle school and up, especially those interested in writing.
    Have you ever wondered why some books made you feel like you were in the thick of the action? Like you could step right into the page? Join Silvia Acevedo, author of the God Awful Series of Books, as she discusses the techniques that authors use to pull that off and how paying attention can make you a better reader.

  • It’s Time to Talk

    For upper elementary school and up, general interest.

    Characters that feel real enough to step off the page have a dialogue that draws you in. Author Silvia Acevedo helps you discover the techniques that authors use to give characters interesting and unique voices that readers can’t forget. Ready your pen because writers in the audience will attempt to capture the speech and style of a few of their favorite characters. Ms. Acevedo is the author of the God Awful Series of Books.

  • Creating Wickedly Wonderful Unreliable Narrators

    For high school and up, especially those interested in writing.

    Whether they’re shrewd or naïve, instigators or backstabbers, whether they have their own agenda or just see things differently, the bias of unreliable narrators makes their tale more complex and entertaining. Silvia Acevedo, author of the God Awful series of books, explains what makes narrators unreliable, shows us how to spot them, and explains how we can exploit them to give readers early insight – or have them guessing to the very end. Don’t miss this chance to explore this crowd-pleasing, tale-twisting technique.

  • Flipping Your Teenage Drama into a Teenage Publishing Dream

    For middle school and up, especially those interested in writing.
    You. Teenager. You know drama. Between school, friends, crushes, sports, jobs, and family, there’s a lot in your life that you can turn into amazing stories – and you even have that teenage voice that so many publishers seek! Silvia Acevedo, author of the God Awful Series of Books, shows you how to write about what you deal with on a daily basis – and how to turn that into an awesome story that you can publish using today’s new media.


Awesome student workshop! Silvia is truly an energetic and engaging presenter and provided an individualized and well-organized workshop for our diverse group of precollege students. I was impressed by the manner in which Silvia was effective in captivating a group of middle and high school students combined (representing an age range of 10-18 years) and engaging them in active dialogue without dumbing-down the information or excluding our more reluctant participants. Her combined lecture, activity and active learning format kept the students engaged throughout. Thank you, Silvia, for helping to prepare our budding youth citizen journalists for their upcoming service-learning campaign. We look forward to working with you again in the future!

Dana KaletaQuest Project Director University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee TRIO & PreCollege Programs

As the Director of our annual Writers’ Institute, a conference that celebrates writers, agents, editors and publishing professionals, I have to say that Silvia’s presence at the 2017 event was enlightening. Silvia led a few workshops and participated on panels throughout the three-day weekend event. Her energy ignited every session that featured her involvement. Her enthusiasm shines through and her encouragement for our writers continues to this day as I write this a few weeks later. She invests herself 100% in mentoring and encouraging writers and artists to produce their best work. I look forward to inviting Silvia to be part of one of our events again soon – I know our writing community looks forward to her return also.

Laurie ScheerWriting Mentor and Director, UW-Madison Writers’ Institute, UW-Madison Continuing Studies Liberal Arts & Applied Studies

Silvia’s world-building presentation is a perfect blend of information and demonstration. Her writing prompts were especially helpful—you could see the lightbulb ‘go on’ for many attendees as they discovered new insights about their story and characters. If there are missing elements in your story’s world, Silvia can help!

Rochelle GroskreutzSE WI Area Rep, Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators

Silvia Acevedo was a fantastic fit for our writers conference! She was well-prepared and the audience found her knowledgeable and friendly. Silvia was an easy speaker to work with due to her professionalism and passion for writing. I would not hesitate to recommend her for an author visit or writing instructor.

Ruth PerceyOrganizer, Lakefly Writers Conference/Oshkosh Public Library (WI)

Ms. Acevedo is a sharp, engaging speaker. She captivated my freshmen Honors English class and opened their minds to the creative process. Approaching each of their questions with honesty and helpful tips, she inspired the inner writer in my students and in me!

Mrs. Courtney TrachtmanTeacher, Honors English 9/English 9, Carmel High School, Carmel, IN

We were honored to have Silvia Acevedo on our Young Adult Author panel during Teen Read Week. She was very engaging and willing to share her writing and publishing experiences in a candid way. We are looking forward to adding more of Silvia’s books to our collection and having her back at the Oak Creek Public Library in the future!

Sarah CorsoYA/Reference Librarian, Oak Creek, WI, Public Library

Thank you Silvia, for your participation in the Wisconsin Writes project. I have shared your writing process videos with educators all over the state to highlight the power of revision as an important part of a writing process. Your dynamic personality and obvious love for storytelling are valuable contributions to the art of writing, which carries over into your book with its larger than life characters and setting.

Marci GlausEnglish Language Arts Consultant, Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction

Silvia Acevedo was a great addition to our B-fest event. She brought professionalism, passion, and excitement for her craft with her. She made sure she got to know her fans as she spoke with them and relayed that personal touch to each signed copy of her book. Having a local author speak to those aspiring writers and avid readers made for an inspiring event and a fun one all the same. It is clear she will go far as she continues her journey in the book world.

AshleyBarnes & Noble Racine Bookseller

Past Events

  • Presenting Author, Manuscript Critic, University of Wisconsin-Madison Writers’ Institute, Madison, WI, March 2017
  • Presenting Author, Wisconsin State Reading Association, Milwaukee, WI, February 2017
  • Featured Author, Books & Beer Book Club, Neenah, WI, November 2016
  • Panelist, Southeast Wisconsin Festival of Books, Waukesha, WI, November 2016
  • Presenting Author, Wisconsin Writers Association, Neenah, WI, October 2016
  • Panelist, Teen Read Week, Oak Creek Public Library, Oak Creek, WI, October 2016
  • Presenting Author, Sheboygan Teen Book Festival, Sheboygan, WI, October 2016
  • Featured Author, Good Day Wisconsin Television News Show, Green Bay, WI, October 2016
  • Visiting Author, Barnes & Noble B-Teen Book Festival, Glendale, WI, June 2016
  • Visiting Author, Barnes & Noble B-Teen Book Festival, Racine, WI, June 2016
  • Presenting Author, Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators Regional Event, Wauwatosa, WI, May 2016
  • Presenting Author, Lakefly Writers Conference, Oshkosh, WI, May 2016
  • Presenting Author, National Children’s Book Week, Boswell Books, Milwaukee, WI, May 2016
  • Featured Author, The Morning Blend Television Talk Show, Milwaukee, WI, May 2016
  • Panelist, Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators’ Wild Wild Midwest Regional Conference, Chicago, IL, April 2016
  • Visiting Author, Barnes & Noble Creative Writing Con Fest, Carmel, IN, April 2016
  • Presenting Author, Carmel High School Creative Writing Con, Carmel, IN, April 2016
  • Featured Author, Conversations with Wisconsin Artists Radio Show, Sun Prairie, WI, April 2016
  • Visiting Author, Barnes & Noble Educator Appreciation Fest, Skokie, IL, April 2016
  • Visiting Author, South Milwaukee Public Library, South Milwaukee, WI, December 2015
  • Visiting Author, Martha Merrill’s Books & Toys, Waukesha, WI, November 2015
  • Visiting Author, Edgerton Sterling North Book and Film Festival, Edgerton, WI, November 2015
  • Panelist, Wisconsin Library Association, Middleton, WI, November 2015
  • Presenting Author, Wisconsin Book Festival – Pinney Public Library, Madison, WI, October 2015
  • Panelist, Wisconsin Writers Association Annual Conference, Wisconsin Rapids, WI, October 2015
  • Featured Author, Wisconsin Writes Online Video Series, September 2015
  • Visiting Author, Hartland Library, Hartland, WI, September 2015
  • Visiting Author, Waukesha’s Friday Night Live Music Festival, Waukesha, WI, August 2015
  • Visiting Author, Tribeca GalleryCafe & Books, Watertown, WI, July 2015
  • Featured Author, Books & Beer Book Club, Columbus, WI, June 2015
  • Featured Author, Interviewing Authors Podcast, July 2015
  • Visiting Author, Waukesha Literary Council Spelling Bee, Pewaukee, WI, June 2015
  • Presenting Author, National Children’s Book Week, Boswell Books, Milwaukee, WI, May 2015
  • Featured Author, The Morning Blend Television Talk Show, Milwaukee, WI, May 2015


I understand that different organizations have different budgets. One way to offset an in-person visit is to hold a book sale fundraiser, like so: my publisher sells my books to your organization at a deep discount, which you then sell at full or nearly full cost, thus giving your students a chance to read my work ahead of my visit while also funding the visit. I can also visit your school through Skype chats, which work best for small audiences. I’m honored by these requests, so I’ll do my best to work out a fee structure and date that’s mutually beneficial.

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